I help healthcare leaders and aspiring leaders become more effective in their leadership roles and in advancing their leadership careers.

Today’s healthcare organizations can be tough to navigate. Most new leaders find them complex, competitive and often highly political – and usually get little direct guidance and support from their boss.  At the same time, most traditional leadership development programs fail to lead either to lasting change for the individual or to better results for the organization.  That’s where leadership coaching comes in.

Part coach, part expert and part cheerleader – I help with understanding organizational context, changing mindsets and developing concrete ways to measure and achieve sustainable leadership improvement.

My expertise in leadership coaching is built on a solid foundation (including acute care, rehab, lab services, consulting & pharmaceutical industry) that includes broad knowledge of healthcare systems and relationships, especially in large organizations, a doctorate in healthcare leadership and successful leadership experience at all levels of healthcare administration.

The best athletes and teams have coaches, helping them translate training and theoretical knowledge into better performance, and leadership success is no different. Leadership coaching can help make it happen.

In the words of well known speaker, Les Brown, “Ask for help. Not because you are weak. But because you want to remain strong.”


Good clinicians develop into health system leaders with individualized, just-in-time coaching.

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Good to great: Helping leaders get results and develop their teams more effectively.

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Build capacity in your organization with interim leadership, diagnostics & or coaching.

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Need leadership advice or an inspiring speaker for your next event? Find out more here.

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